Balancing Valve V5032Y0040A

Mô tả

 Balancing Valve V5032Y0040A xuất xứ Honeywell – USA

– Quick and easy measuring with SafeConTM measuring connections
– Dimensions DN15 to DN40 can be retrofitted with a Kombi-Diaphragm Unit
– High accuracy of pre-setting because of individual adjustment
– Robust valve body made of corrosion resistant red bronze
– Availabe in sizes up to DN80
– Visible pre-setting dial with concealed pre-setting wheel
– Maintenance free spindle with double O-ring sealings
– PTFE-seat sealing


– Medium: Water or water-glycol mixture, quality to VDI 2035 (up to 50% Glycol)
– Operating temperature: 2…130°C (36…266°F)
– Operating pressure: max. 16 bar (232 psi)
– kvs (cvs)-value: 20.2 (23.5)
– Dimensions(D-H-L1-L2-SW): Rp11/2″ 137 120 53 55

Please Note:

– To avoid stone deposit and corrosion the composition of the medium should conform with VDI-Guideline 2035
– Additives have to be suitable for EPDM sealings
– System has to be flushed thoroughly before initial operationwith all valves fully open

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